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About the Foundation for International Arts and Education (FIAE)

The Foundation for International Arts and Education is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, the Foundation was created to help protect and preserve the historical and cultural legacy of the countries of the former Soviet Union. Through its Arts and Exhibitions Program, the Foundation organizes and manages art exhibitions at venues throughout the United States. A portion of the proceeds of these exhibitions go to the foreign lending museums in order to directly contribute to the preservation of these priceless world treasures. In addition, programs under the Foundation’s Center for the Study of Social and Cultural Change provide the Foundation an intellectual basis from which research-oriented projects are conducted to examine the complex social issues facing these cultures as they mature into new democratic states. Educational programs for students of all ages are a key component to each of the Foundation’s projects, including practical training programs for entrepreneurs and other professional groups.  It is anticipated that, based on our successes in the former Soviet Union, the Foundation’s scope will broaden to include other countries as well.

The Foundation for International Arts and Education was subsequently launched with a set of very explicit goals and principles: 

  • Preservation and protection of artistic and cultural legacies

  • Presentation of first-rate art exhibitions 

  • Adherence to the highest artistic standards in determining the contents
    and themes of these exhibitions 

  • Protection of the dignity and reputation of the institutions whose
    artifacts are presented 

  • Involvement of the local host community in all aspects of planning
    exhibitions, cultural events and research projects

  • Investment in the expertise of local companies whenever possible

  • Assurance that quality educational programs are developed and
    presented throughout the exhibition’s showing in each US community 

  • Support of substantive research and analysis

  • Development of practical training programs for entrepreneurs.

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