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Painter belonging to Andrij Rusynís set. Saint Georgeís Miracle about Snake. First half of the XVth century.

Painter belonging to Andrij Rusyn's set.

Saint George's Miracle about Snake. First half of the XVth century. National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv.

                     An orthodox icon of the XVth century that have been found by art critics on the territory of Poland is now displayed in the National Art Museum of Ukraine as a work of an unknown painter. I paid attention to the similarity of this work to the style of the court-painter of the King Jagailo named Andrij Rusyn (Rusyn is a nick-name of Ukrainians). In 1418 Andrij Rusyn worked in the King's quarters in Liublin and perhaps had pupils and clients among the orthodox population of the Liublin county.

                    I consider that this icon was painted not by Andrij Rusyn himself but rather by one of his pupils, that is, a "painter belonging to Andrij Rusyn's set".


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