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A. Exter (1882-1949). Sevr Bridge. 1912. Oil on canvas. 143 by 115 cm.

Alexandra EXTER (1882-1949).

Sevr Bridge. 1912. Oil on canvas. 143x115 cm. National Art Museum of Ukraine (NAMU), Kyiv.

The National Art Museum of Ukraine (Kyiv) permanently displays a cubist landscape by A. Exter Sevr Bridge (1912) painted when the Kyivite artist worked together with such masters of French fine art as Picasso, Braque, Léger. This work, which was sentenced to destruction in 1952 as a “formalist” (non-realistic), appeared in the museum’s lists as a work of an unknown painter. By analogy with Exter’s works in foreign collections I defined the authorship and the date. In the 1990s, this work was exhibited at many international exhibitions, the most recent of which is the Amazons of Russian Avantgarde shown in honored museums of Germany, USA, and Russia.

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