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Boris SYLKIN (?, Ukraine-?,Ukraine)


Join the Red Cavalry. 1920. Poster. National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv.

Among the placards of the time of the civil war in Russia and Ukraine which gained worldwide fame as prominent works of art, there are several not-singed ones which were printed in Kyiv in 1920. These placards, Join the Red Cavalry and Mount, Worker and Peasant! were exhibited, in particular, at such grandiose exhibitions as Paris-Moscow and Moscow-Paris as anonymous ones. Working in the archives, I found the name of the painter Boris Sylkin. I also managed to identify the names of the authors of some other placard masterpieces A.Petritsky, I.Rabinovich, B.Kosarev, A.Marenkov who worked in a cubist/futuristic and secession manners.

Principal exhibitions:

  • Moscow-Paris. Moscow, 1981.

  • Paris-Moscow. Paris,1979.

  • Soviet Placard. London, 1968.

  • All-Union Placard Exhibition. Moscow,  1967.


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